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Tick Control & Prevention

Spring brings warm weather, sun, and new growth but it also brings ticks. When the weather heats up and your outdoor activity increases, your chances of encountering a tick rise. Ticks carry and transmit dangerous diseases, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Ticks cannot hop or fly; rather, they latch on to their targets often from elevated surfaces, such as tall grass and overgrown wooded areas. This makes the perimeter of your home particularly susceptible to infestation. There are three main species of tick in this area that cause concern:

  • American Dog Tick
  • Black Legged Deer Tick
  • Lone Star Tick

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Our Tick Control Programs

The Green Machine offers two preset programs that target ticks at vital points in their life cycle. Our spring application(s) target the adult tick that may have wandered onto the property after the fall application(s).  Our summer applications target the nymphs of deer ticks, which are most associated with transmitting Lyme disease. And our fall application(s) target the ticks when they are most actively seeking large hosts to feed (humans, dogs, etc.). If our programs do not suit your needs we can create a custom program for you.

Standard Program

Low Cost
3 Applications

Our standard program offers three applications designed to target ticks at vital points in their life-cycle to reduce the overall tick population.

Application Dates
May, July, Oct/Nov

Premium Program

Maximum Control
5 Applications

Our premium program offers five applications (approximately every 4-8 weeks) for maximum control over the tick population. It adds two extra applications to target ticks when they are most active.

Application Dates
April, May, July, September, Oct/Nov

Custom Program

Completely Custom

If our preset programs do not meet your needs, we are willing to design a program specifically for you. Please feel free to call or email us to discuss.

Custom Schedule